Role Played By Digital Forensic Investigator

Cyber-crime is increasing day by day. According to the FBI briefing, the number of digital forensic cases has steadily increased. At first, the industry literature uses the term computer forensics to refer to a particular branch of forensic science dealing with the investigation and recovery of various materials found on the computer.

The digital forensics field has expanded to cover analysis and investigation of all devices capable of storing digital data. These investigations are often carried out in connection with the crime, which is why it is so important that a computer forensic investigator must have the necessary training.

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The most common applications of digital forensic investigations are to discredit or support the hypothesis before the court, whether criminal or civil. In the case of electronic discovery, investigators can also prove helpful in the private sector, along the lines of corporate security and internal investigations.

Whatever the case, the job of a computer forensic investigator is to follow the typical process that began with the seizure of the media and continued with the acquisition, also called forensic imaging. It is very important that the investigators have as much information as possible prior to undergoing these steps.

The technical procedure began with the acquisition of the evidence; the data may change or be lost quickly if not handled properly. After this step, which can be difficult to perform, depending on the level of investigators have access to a computer or digital device.