How To Measure A New Garage Door

When measuring for the garage door it is important to remember that most doors require some sort of frame to attach. Another thing you need to make sure is that the size of the door is required by the manufacturer as it may be different from one another.

Manufacturers will request a variety of measurement consisting of the following:

– You will need to provide the width and height of the existing brick.

– The internal headroom available from under the threshold will be up to the nearest obstruction. There are many companies are available which provide reliable garage door services. If you want to know more about garage door services, then you can also visit

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– Space is available on the internal reveal.

How to Measure Sectional Garage Door

Most of the sectional garage door comes back revealing (on the internal face of the brick). This is to allow full drive through the wide opening of the garage. Most domestic gates require in the region of 100mm from the side of the room on both sides.

Check with the manufacturer that you have chosen before purchase. It is an extra added that if you want to avoid paying for it, you can add a wooden post to create the required side space.

Hardware for sectional garage doors comes into the garage space, so it is important that there is space available for horizontal tracks. You will need between 350-600mm from front to rear garage.

When ordering the types of doors, provide structural opening and other measurements in metric. More information about installing a sectional garage door can be found on many of the garage door or the manufacturer's website.