Why Should You Visit Fiji?


Fiji is considered to be one of the most glamorous and interesting destinations in the world. White sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, amazing tropical climate, tons of water-sport activities, awesome traditional ceremonies to witness,etc., Fiji is truly a class above others. If you’re considering visiting this amazing destination, then these are some of the reasons why you should.

  1. Comfortable Resorts – Fiji is home to one of the best movies ever shot at called ‘Cast Away’ starring Emmy Award Winner Tom Hanks. Because of this movie, Fiji became renowned for offering some of the best resorts giving you that Fijian feel. Turtle island, Wakaya Club, LaucalaIsland, Royal Davui are some of the popular places consisting of amazing resorts.
  2.  The People – Fiji is home to one of the nicest and friendliest people on the planet. The locals will greet you with a smile, invite you to their village to witness some amazing ceremonies and so much more.
  3. The Food – If you love sea-food, then Fiji is home to offer you some of the finest and freshest sea-food. Grouper, crabs, prawns, Mahi-Mahi, lobsters are cooked fresh. You must also try the national food of Fiji called Kokodo.
  4. Spas – Fiji is home to some of the finest spas allowing you to pamper yourself with nothing but heavenly feeling. Fijians use fresh fruits, oils, sand and sea salt all mixed together to make you feel rejuvenated.
  5. Water-sports – Fiji 300 plus islands, makes it the perfect destination for so many water-sports. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and so many water-sport activities you can do.

These are some of the reasons that makes it worth visiting Fiji private island.