What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Learning Management System is an internet-based software platform that allows people to learn anything, at any time and at any place. This process overcomes the limitations of time, distance and resources and the use of Internet technology to deliver relevantly and up to date training content to your audience.

Elearning including text, audio, video, animations, quizzes, and virtual environments and self-paced, on-demand, rich learning experiences that can even surpass the level of classroom-based training. You can also visit https://instructionaldesigncompany.com/services/ to get custom eLearning solutions online.

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The reason for the use of e-learning

Save time and money

It reduces time away from the workplace, saving travel costs and reduce the need for expensive classroom-based training. Frees expensive trainers and technical resources from administrative tasks are tedious and repetitive and allows them to focus on issues that are more strategic.

It is easier to produce

It is almost free once you have reached the break-even point. Synchronous programs will have continued costs associated with managing a classroom teacher but will be lower than traditional courses.

Scalable and efficient

It gives you the ability to easily create and deliver training materials to support your business processes. It is based on a centralized on-line database that allows you to roll-out new material for a large audience quickly and cost-effectively.

On-demand and flexible

It gives learners the freedom to study when and where they want and at their own pace. Learners in remote areas have the same access to training as if they were at headquarters.