Interactive Voice Response System For Small Businesses

Interactive voice response (IVR) works as a virtual receptionist. It is a recorded voice message which interactively welcomes your customers. IVR system shows your companies professionalism.

Virtual Receptionists used for welcoming the customers in a way, they fill like they are special customers. You can record the message according to your business need and customize them according to your need. To know more about IVR service providers visit

Missing customers call means, you missed an opportunity to get the permanent customer. IVR will help you to attend all the calls by using the automatic call receiving feature. This system instantly emails or SMS you if in case any call is missed by you.

By getting instant updates of missing calls will help you to connect with the customers as soon as possible. The IVR system helps in doing the positive branding of your business. Virtual receptionist services are the best part of the IVR system.

Routing the calls is also one of the best features of the IVR. Receiving the calls according to the customer's concern departments is reflects well. Customers will get the answer to their doubts from the concerned department which will give them satisfaction.

The IVR system gives the multiple extension, so all the department members of your company can attend the calls according to the customer's need. This multiple extension feature is good for small businesses.