New Rechargeable Battery Expansions for Laptops

There are several developments in the battery industry's attention and promises to extend laptop battery life so users can use it to last a full 8-hour work shift before charging. This development is largely chemical enhancements when conventional batteries used to power mobile computing devices, Lithium-based batteries – lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries.

For a long time, there have been no revolutionary or radical technological advances on rechargeable batteries to give any excitement to laptop users other than the flexible lithium-ion polymer batteries that is now pretty much standard on many mobile gadgets including mobile phones and laptops.

Image Source: Google

Competitive tip in Battery

Due to market demand for long life laptop batteries, companies see this as another competitive feature and promptly designed their laptops to have more power conserving features. Using power-efficient Centrino chips, hard disks and optical drives that belong to automatically turn off when not in use, these companies can claim to have better battery life for their laptops.  

Micro Fuel Cells

What seems like a sleepy battery landscape may change soon with the introduction of micro fuel cells. The new type of battery technology promises higher energy levels that can last over longer times. We are not talking about just lasting 8 hours but more like a tenfold increase in battery life that we have today.